My Erb’s Palsy

My shoulder —
Bone on bone and damaged nerves, I’m told
Random sensations that stab and burn
Pain pills don’t do much good
They cause the physical to mix with loopiness, helping me not to care
Even though… the sensations remain there.



My face.
Scrubbed and polished to its natural perfection
Simply to be covered by
Unnatural elements that may or may not cause future harm
Whilst striving for a look that is not my own

They walk around unshaven, unkempt, and shiny
They are drooled over
I – a woman – am shunned
For leaving my home without even some lip gloss on.
My lip balm just won’t do.

I strive against societal pressures
To spend empty hours applying toxins to my skin
To hide my beloved freckles out of sight so no one can see them
To make myself look like someone no one is

Enough is enough!
What right do they have to objectify me?
So that I despise the very face that has been created for me?
God gave me my face
And my face is my own.
It is my choice that I leave it alone.


An artist’s joy
Provider of the path
That lights my way

Your atmosphere is without burden
Allowing one to breath

Your children –
You carry them
No judgment is laid
But acceptance
Open and eccentrically-filled

This is your nature
And it surrounds

In your bright air
I walk along your downtown sidewalks
Immersing myself in your all

Beneath your star-quenched cover
I read my words aloud
Telling my story
Illustrating my love for you.