Ferret Haiku

four feet of five toes
scamper across kitchen floor
a child’s toy in tow


Perfect Meeting Place

My belly cut
Open wide
Waiting for you
To come
By needle
By fear
You scream
Your baby cry
I cry too
Happy tears pour down
Mother and child are

To Bluegrass

To the one who wakes the boys
Who are six and eight years young-
Morning replicas of their mother;
They find a loathsome task
In opening early eyes

To a beloved part of the family
Of black and white and four legs;
The atypical bell toll
For whom they rise
Eagerly, with brightly lit faces

To he whom seeks their places of slumber
To nose and tickle necks and faces-
His tail, an ecstatic whirlwind of fur;
With anticipation of their love
He steals their blankets in tug of war.