Through Childish Eyes

If I were
Able to see
Through Your eyes
I suppose
My worries –
Well, what would they be,
If I really could see
The things that You see?


When You Speak

You speak to me when I least expect
In the silence when I’m alone
You instill me with the answers I seek
They float to me like a dove
Gently into the stillness of my mind
I embrace Your presence there.

A Letter to the World

How bitter I’ve become,
And angry, because of you, world.
You’ve turned and tossed me in your evil ways.

How corrupt you attempt to make me.
How dare you invade my space?
I hate you with a resentment I can barely contain.

But there is One whom has conquered you, world.
I am His, and I follow Him,
For I seek that His ways may become my own.

There may be times when you cause me to stumble and fall,
But it is He whom picks me back up.
So from you, world, is the way I choose to turn.