A Love That’s True

If only he were like the guys I dated before him
The ones I gave a few years of the on again, off again waltz lovers sometimes do
Before coming to a moment in time when love just
And you feel nothing for the other person
Until you’re with someone new
And you start to think about the others once again.
If only that, but no
He has to be different
But still the same
Or maybe it’s really me who’s changed
Not because of me, but of God’s work in me
Because when I said “I do” this time, I meant it…
For better or for worse
And I want to do His will above all else
Regardless of my lover’s worst.


A Letter to the World

How bitter I’ve become,
And angry, because of you, world.
You’ve turned and tossed me in your evil ways.

How corrupt you attempt to make me.
How dare you invade my space?
I hate you with a resentment I can barely contain.

But there is One whom has conquered you, world.
I am His, and I follow Him,
For I seek that His ways may become my own.

There may be times when you cause me to stumble and fall,
But it is He whom picks me back up.
So from you, world, is the way I choose to turn.