A Letter to the World

How bitter I’ve become,
And angry, because of you, world.
You’ve turned and tossed me in your evil ways.

How corrupt you attempt to make me.
How dare you invade my space?
I hate you with a resentment I can barely contain.

But there is One whom has conquered you, world.
I am His, and I follow Him,
For I seek that His ways may become my own.

There may be times when you cause me to stumble and fall,
But it is He whom picks me back up.
So from you, world, is the way I choose to turn.



I know that I’m not perfect
I’m not yet meant to be
The One was ever perfect
Is the One who set me free

Born of a virgin woman
He walked amongst the lost
And died a most traumatic death –
He saved us on a cross

Perfection sacrificed Himself
Merciful and true
Jesus was the perfect lamb
Could ever make us new

And one day He will raise us up
We’ll meet Him face to face
It’s then we’ll gain perfection
According to His loving grace.