Dog Haiku

Teeth and dancing paws
Carpet dust through window sun
Glimpse of happy tongues


For the Day

Let us live for each day
We don’t know what tomorrow brings
Each day has its own trials and rewards
Let us live to the fullest according to God’s holy will
Enjoying the moments He gives.

Each trial is an opportunity to learn and grow
Each pleasure is a gift
Why rush ahead towards what is unknown?
The “right now” consists of all the things He has planned
Let us seek joy in this.

Sweet Solitude

The place
Between lax and lively
Where one sinks into oneself –
Close to drifting,
Yet, fully aware
Of the pleasure
The sensation brings.

With uplifted petals
Of a swift spring breeze
While walking
Through a field of wildflowers –
Their fragrance swirling
All around.

These are what I liken you to.