When We Were Younger

When we were younger
We knew each other
You liked me
I had someone else
So you found someone
To her, you were wonderful
I was miserable
And longed for what she had

You still liked me
So you kissed me
Then we went our separate ways
Common ground was gained
Through heartache and pain
Ten years passed
Then you found me

You made me yours
More than friends we became
How strange fate is
Though a wonderful thing
Never would have thought
We would love each other
We were meant to be
Even when we were younger.


Memory of Loves Passed

Again, he is drawn to me
To my optimistic view of this hate-filled world
At first sight, he needs my hope in which to live by
He finds strength in the hope that I provide
Yet it is in that very strength that I become weak
It is there that I take my place as victim once again
As the metaphorical punching bag on which he takes out his pains
Pains conceived from his every day weight of the world
Where I find the recurring truth that I bear
It seems a cruel curse that I play martyr for the weak and unloved
Who gain control through my pain in the grasp of my love